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Last message from the Queen of Peace from
given to Marjia Pavlovic December 25, 2023
“Dear children! I am carrying my Son Jesus to you to fill your hearts with peace, because He is peace. Little children, seek Jesus in the silence of your heart that He be born anew. The world needs Jesus, therefore seek Him through prayer, because He gives Himself daily to each of you. ”
Medjugorje is

  Capital   of   Marianism

1981   - june 25 -   2024
Civitas Mariæ
(City   of   Mary)

Prayer signed  for :
Medjugorje City of Mary
Civitas Mariae

I love you and await you all at the House of God
I want you fine!
Akita    and   Kibeho


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Lady of All Peoples

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